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Hi! I am Carina

Hello world! My name is Carina and I am a kc local born and raised. When I was little I was always that weird kid picking up all the shiny rocks and putting them into overflowing pants pockets for later addition to my shiny things collection; so my tiny world was blown when my father introduced me to my very first D&D game, which included my very first introduction to shiny dice, and I was hooked. Life moved on and my sisters and I moved out, but I never lost my love of D&D or shiny math rocks.
Enter covid. 🙁

Devoid of social opportunities or leaving the house, I picked up old hobbies again, and through the magic of the internet I learned there was a way to both encourage others to play D&D and to make my very own shiny rocks at home! I ordered the supplies and merrily delved into the world of dicemaking! Some successes and many failures later, I decided to try sharing the joy of shiny clickclacks with others, but I needed a name to sell said wares… Enter River.


River (the beautiful dog looking at you from the logo) is the best dog ever and a constant supplier of patience, optimism and of course love; so she was a natural choice for my logo since she is already my life coach. My sister and I created a flaming R (for River) so when you roll the highest number you are rolling River!



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